Terminology projects in all official languages with the trainees of the Translation Units

The latest Terminology Network Meeting (meeting of terminologists from all the language units) was held on Friday 30 of September 2011 and focused on the trainees’ projects. The experiences gained by translation units during the past year were discussed in order to learn from them and gather best practices for the future projects.

TermCoord started the meeting by summarizing the feedback from the terminologists and its own experience as coordinator of the projects. A TermCoord trainee explained what the coordination of the trainees’ projects looks like and shared some feedback received from the language units’ trainees he had worked with, pointing out the benefits of such projects for their future professional experience.

The Finnish and Maltese terminologists presented some excellent examples of language-specific projects, which could be considered as best practices for terminology work within the units. The Finnish project in the field of the Common Agricultural Policy started with a set of specialised glossaries on the website of the Finnish Unit which they wondered how to make more useful and more easily available. So the terminologists compiled a list out of all glossaries and, involving also their trainees over several traineeship terms, managed to complete it and insert the terms into IATE. The Maltese project in the field of EU budget terminology started in the EP’s Maltese Translation Unit with a small list of 24 terms to be completed in Maltese and, in close cooperation with the Maltese terminologists of the Commission it grew to a huge and very fruitful project with an outcome of nearly 900 terms. Some of these terms already existed in IATE and were completed only in Maltese; others were newly introduced and completed. Here again, the trainees of the unit were actively involved at all stages of the project.

Finally, some ideas for future terminology projects were exchanged and terminologists were invited to suggest topics and domains for terminology improvement.


About TermCoord

The Terminology Coordination Unit of the European Parliament in Schuman Building on Place de l'Europe, Luxembourg
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