LTC launches new terminology management service

“London, UK and Washington DC, USA (October, 2011) – LTC, a global leader within the language services market, has today announced that it will be expanding its offering by providing a dedicated Terminology Management service – a process which concentrates an organisation’s key terms, brand literature and industry jargon into a single terminology repository, ensuring effective and consistent communication in multiple languages.”

“An initial evaluation of your organisation’s existing terminology may begin procedures, once we have access to either your organisation’s glossary of terms, documentation or content. Our experienced terminologists and computational linguists will then extract and align key terms. Where necessary our experts will identify appropriate synonyms and translate terms into multiple languages manually.

Once the terminology has been approved by both a team of validators and key personnel from within your organisation, LTC will store your terminology within your existing or a recommended termbase which acts as a central database and can be accessed by all within the organisation, further increasing terminology consistency throughout.

Where LTC really does conjure up terminology magic is in the evolution of terminology. As time goes by, an organisation’s terminology arsenal will accelerate and alter, requiring frequent updating which can be very time consuming. However, LTC works to keep your terminology current either as a separate service or integrated into our broad multilingual service offering.  When we receive new translation jobs from you, we also automatically update your termbase, ensuring that your terminology remains ready for use on a continuous basis.”

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About TermCoord

The Terminology Coordination Unit of the European Parliament in Schuman Building on Place de l'Europe, Luxembourg
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