Action of DG TRAD for the Promotion of Terminology

The HR BookletOn the occasion of the award of the Sakharov Prize on 14th December, during the EP’s plenary session, DG TRAD presented its publication of an indicative collection of terms belonging to the Human Rights domain for which the EP has a leading role in IATE. This booklet serves to demonstrate what kind of terms are included and how they are presented in IATE, each term having equivalents in all 23 official languages with their corresponding references and definitions. The goal of this action was to promote the importance of IATE and terminology resources, not only for translating, but also for drafting legislation in a multilingual environment.

Informing visitors on terminology and IATE

For this purpose, DG TRAD had installed two information stands next to the two main entrances of the Hemicycle in Strasbourg informing Members of EP, their assistants and other EP staff as well as representatives of other European political and academic institutions on the internal and public IATE and on the work of DG TRAD in the field of terminology.

Handing the Booklet to the laureates of the Sakharov Prize

The TermCoord staff members present had the occasion to distribute the Human Rights booklet also to the laureates of the Sakharov Prize.

DG TRAD’s presence at this plenary session can be considered as a big success since it not only provoked the interest of its “clients” and other interlocutors but also raised the awareness for DG TRAD’s role in the intra- and interinstitutional legislative process.

About TermCoord

The Terminology Coordination Unit of the European Parliament in Schuman Building on Place de l'Europe, Luxembourg
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