New phobia – good old word?

A new word for a new phobia became more and more popular these days: nomophobia. It designates the fear of being without your mobile phone for whatever reason. The new word is an abbreviation for “no-mobile-phone phobia”.

Is this, however, really a new word? Strangely enough it is not; the abbreviation coincides with the Greek-rooted word for a “fear of or disdain for laws” – from “nomos” (“law”) +‎ phobia (“fear for a specific thing, hate out of fear for something”). The other strange thing is, that with the new meaning, i.e. the abbreviation for the fear of being without a mobile connection, the original meaning of nomophobia started to faint away and to be the much less obvious one. Obviously the fear of being left without a mobile has grown much stronger than the fear of the law.

Read more about the new phobia on this link.

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