Euro 2012: “Football” to me, “soccer” to you?

What is an “Asian” and “European handicap” and what is the role exactly of the “sweeper”? While millions of fans are ready to tune into one of the biggest sporting events in the calendar, UEFA EURO 2012 , new terms find their place in the long and rich terminology list of the world’s most popular sport,  football. Or… should we say soccer?

“When English star David Beckham arrived in America last year to play for the Los Angeles Galaxy, he had to correct himself and apologise at the press conference where he was introduced. Beckham made a mistake, at least he thought so, of calling the sport he plays “football”. He then said, “Excuse me, soccer.”” (Yahoo Sports)

So what are the true origins of the word “soccer” and who was the first to invent the word? The Americans or the British? (The Origin of the Word “Soccer”)

Whatever the truth is or whatever we prefer to call it, this game has a wide range of glossaries both technical and related to the betting industry.

So place a bet and score yourself some new terms!

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The Terminology Coordination Unit of the European Parliament in Schuman Building on Place de l'Europe, Luxembourg
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