New Year, new IATE!

With new updates from several EU bodies

calendar-january-2013-IATE, the terminology database of all EU institutions, has been updated including terminological data from the following European agencies: EU-OSHA, EEA, EMA, CEDEFOP, Europol, Eurofound, ETF, EMCDDA, FRA, CPVO, OHIM, ERA, EMSA, CEPOL, ECDC and FRONTEX.

This important tool, opened to the public in 2006, is addressed not only to translators working for the European Union institutions, but also to freelance translators who need to translate information in any official EU language.

It contains more than 8 million terms fed by EU terminologists and translators. The Terminology Coordination Unit also carries out different terminological projects in collaboration with the language units of the European Parliament. The results of these projects are introduced in IATE making of it a permanently growing and evolving database.

About TermCoord

The Terminology Coordination Unit of the European Parliament in Schuman Building on Place de l'Europe, Luxembourg
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One Response to New Year, new IATE!

  1. IATE’s an excellent tool and deservedly sits on every search bar on every translator’s computer. But you could easily make it more user-friendly or graphically more appealing. So every update is always welcome! Thanks and keep up the good work!

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