Wednesday Video Fix – Dick Fleming – High-level interpretation

This week’s Wednesday Video Fix (11:36) is a speech given by Dick Fleming former EU staff interpreter. In this video, he gives a fair account of the profession and the obstacles one can face along the way.

This video has been filmed by a fellow blogger, Lourdes DE RIOJA, AIIC Conference Interpreter and video maker. Her blog A Word in your Ear has been voted in the Top 25 Language Professionals Blogs 2013 of the competition organised by

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8 Responses to Wednesday Video Fix – Dick Fleming – High-level interpretation

  1. Lourdes De Rioja says:

    Thank you for sharing!
    Lourdes De Rioja.

  2. lenahansen12 says:

    Very interesting to hear about such an experience from a highly experienced interpreter! Thanks to both of you for sharing it with us. Sounds definitely “sufficiently intreresting”! 🙂 or I’d rather say “absolutely exciting”!

    • TermCoord says:

      Dear Elena,

      Thank you very much for your support and keep an eye out for our new Wednesday Video Fix.

      Have a good day,

      The TermCoord Team

      • lenahansen12 says:

        Sounds good 🙂 I couldn’t really figure out how I can sign up for your updates. I mean not through the WordPress reader, but so that I could get notifications in my inbox. Is it possible? Thank you. Lena

      • TermCoord says:

        Dear Elena,

        You can use or RSS alert for posts. The link is on the right side bar.

        Thanks a lot for your support!

        The TermCoord Team

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