According to the World Health Organization, there are now over a billion overweight people in the world, 300 million of them obese. As tends to happen with any issue of major importance, this trend has generated a number of new words – including one that describes the global phenomenon itself – globesity.

As with so many areas of anxiety and embarrassment, the emphasis is very much on humour.

  • Muffin top: refers to a roll of fat over the waistband. The term gained instant popularity, probably because the image is so perfect and in a way rather gentle.
  • Moobs: men’s unwanted breasts due to excess of fat.
  • He-vage: the male version of ‘cleavage’ – the area between a woman’s breasts.
  • Chubrub: the rubbing of skin between overweight thighs.
  • Obesogenic: Anything that promotes weight gain.
  • Infectobesity: the idea that some people’s excess weight is caused by infection rather than diet.
  • Calorie offsetting: a practice that involves using special armbands that calculate the amount of energy used so that the user can balance this against their calorie intake.
  • Bet dieting: where a person places a bet on their desired weight loss as a financial support to their own willpower are more eccentric.
  • Diabulimia: the reported practice of diabetics missing insulin injections in the belief that this may help them to lose weight.
  • Fattractive: generous curves seen as definitely attractive. Blend of  “fat” + “attractive”.
  • TFFF: Too Fat For Fashion.
  • Fatshionistas: blend of “fat”  + “fashionista”.
 Source: Cambridge Dictionary Blog

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