IATE-is-what-YOU-make-of-it-SMALL[1]The TermCoord campaign for 2013Let’s IATE” is aimed at pomoting IATE, the EU interinstitutional terminology database.

What you perhaps don’t know as external users of this huge database, is that IATE is constantly fed by the thousands of translators and terminologists of all the EU Institutions. This  campaign, the slogan of which is ‘Let’s IATE, IATE is what you make out of it!’, looks at encouraging the active participation of the translators in all languages, in order to improve and increase the content of our terminology resource made public in 2007.


29681_Poster_A3_Training_for_terminologyThe TermCoord campaign for 2012 focused on specialised training for translators, terminologists and trainees in the terminology. TermCoord wants to promote good practice in researching, collecting, storing and making use of terminology by offering basic and advanced IATE and terminology trainings, including individual training upon request. Furthermore, we are continuing to organise seminars and workshops with external and interinstitutional speakers about terminology-related issues.


In Termino QualitasThe 2011 promotional campaign from TermCoord focused on quality in the IATE database and is aimed at all parties involved in the production and translation of documents.

TermCoord wants to stress the importance of having highly reliable, verified entries in the IATE database. This is important for the IATE end-users who are not only translators in the EU institutions and bodies but also the general public.

2011 – Special campaign

Special campaign addressed to MEPs, assistants and drafters. On the occasion of the award of the Sakharov Prize on 14th December 2011, during the EP’s plenary session, DG TRAD presented its publication Human Rights Terminology. This booklet is an indicative collection of terms belonging to the Human Rights domain for which the EP has a leading role in IATE.

This publication serves to demonstrate what kinds of terms are included and how they are presented in IATE, each term having equivalents in all 23 official languages with their corresponding references and definitions. The goal of this action was to promote the importance of IATE and terminology resources, not only for translating, but also for legislation drafting in a multilingual environment.

DG TRAD’s presence at this plenary session can be considered as a big success since it not only raised the interest of its “clients” and other interlocutors but also awareness on DG TRAD’s role in the intra- and interinstitutional legislative process.

Access the booklet here!


TermCoord campaign for 2010 aims to encourage the translators to recycle terms. The concept behing this campaign was to make translators aware of the time and energy they wasted in not keeping any record of the terms they researched.

Don’t throw your terms away, store them with the new Terminology Macro.

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  1. Andy Norcliffe says:

    “…aimed at pomoting IATE…”

  2. Andy Norcliffe says:

    “…The concept behing this campaign…”
    Oops…spelling…once again!
    “…make translators aware of the time and energy they wasted in not keeping any record…”
    Oops…poor English…better to redraft using “by failing to keep”…

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