DG TRAD – Terminology Coordination
SCH 06A010
European Parliament
L-2929 Luxembourg, Luxembourg

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  1. Eutopia seated in the Brain – Commemorative Conference of Bernard de Mandeville’s 300th Anniversary of The Fable of the Bees
    Coimbra University, Faculty of Letters – R&D unit LIF, Language, Interpretation and Philosophy
    Coimbra, 27-29 November 2013

    Call for Papers:

    The organizers of the Conference encourage scholars to submit proposals for papers.

    The papers shall address the topics above mentioned. The authors are invited to send the written proposals to the organizers, by e-mail. The text shall be written according to a WORD document file format with no more than 2500 characters, including the name of the author and a title.

    Proposals must be received by 5th September 2013, to the email (Edmundo Balsemão Pires and Joaquim Braga).

    The authors will be informed about the approval of the proposals, in due time.

    • TermCoord says:

      Dear Joaquim,

      Thank you very much for the information. Unfortunately, we only add on our website conferences that are related to terminology and translation and the conference you submitted does not fall into our fields of interest.

      We however appreciate your initiative and encourage you to let us know should anything in the above mentioned fields of interest arise.

      Have a good day.

      The TermCoord Team

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