E-Lexicography: The Internet, Digital Initiatives and Lexicography

e-lexicographyAuthors: Pedro Antonio Fuertes Olivera, Henning Bergenholt

This book looks at current research and future directions in e-lexicography. Online dictionaries and reference tools are increasingly prevalent in a digitised and internet-led era in language study that has embraced computational linguistics. This book responds with theoretical and practical analysis of key topics, from a global range of contributors.

Since COBUILD in the 1980s, lexicographers have found it essential to engage with and utilise electronic computational tools. Internet dictionaries, online reference tools and even search engine optimisation demand a knowledge of electronic lexicography and force a reassessment of the field. This volume looks at, among other topics:

• Polyfunctional versus monofunctional dictionary tools

• Developing theories of lexicography for electronic mediums

• Distinguishing between the database and the dictionary

• Online dictionaries not as data repositories but as sophisticated search engines

This volume will appeal to scholars in lexicography and to practicing lexicographers.

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