Lexicography and Terminology: A Worldwide Outlook

9781443805421_p0_v1_s260x420Editors: Olga Karpova, Faina Kartashkova

This book contains a collection of essays devoted to current trends in theoretical and practical lexicography, teminology and terminography. The chapters are divided into two main sections. Part I: Lexicography deals with the analysis of historical and typological problems in lexicography, with special reference to English, Italian, Russian and Southern African dictionaries for general and specialised purposes. The main focus is on the description of principles in lexicographic presentation of non-equivalent lexics, rhyming slang, idioms, clichés and gender nominations of people in bilingual and monolingual dictionaries.

Part II: Terminology and Terminography is devoted to descriptions of current tendencies observable in terminology and terminography studies, with special reference to modern European languages such as English, Russian, Norwegian, etc. The terms of different specialist domains are viewed from the perspective of the latest achievements of modern science, cognitive linguistics in particular. This reveals specific features of terminological word-combinations, terms in colloquial use, peculiarities of terms belonging to newly formed Languages for Special Purposes, typical features of recently appeared LSPs and presentations of new dictionaries’ approaches to different subject areas. This part reveals the international nature of current tendencies in terminology studies, and shows the national variations in their functioning and presentation in specialist dictionaries.

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