Medical Terminology Systems: A body System Approach Seventh Edition

2954-7Authors: Barbara Gylys, Mary Wedding

Methods that work books and courseware to fit every need! A word building and body systems approach Medical Terminology Systems: A Body Systems Approach, 6th Edition is the perfect length for any course. It uses a body system organization to focus on word building; no more tedious memorization. Students learn the patterns of words before they learn the vocabulary by reviewing the basic elements of words and then applying the principles to each body system. This beautifully designed visual text is a unique learning package that a true blend of words, art, and technology. Audio CD features listen- and -learn audio activities for more than 300 terms. TermPlus 3.0 on CD-ROM is a competency-based, self-paced multi-media program with a wide variety of learning activities. (Mac and PC compatible, non-browser dependent.) LearnSmart, a virtual learning experience, assesses your med term knowledge and lets you create an individualized, adaptive learning path and personalized training program that works. Together, this money-saving package equals success in the classroom and beyond. Package includes: Text with Audio CD and TermPlus 3.0 + LearnSmart.

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