Lexicographie et terminologie: Compatibilité des modèles et des méthodes

9782760306608Editors: Marie-Claude L’Homme and Sylvie Vandaele

This collection focuses on the question of compatibility within the fields of lexicography and terminology, as well as on the interactions between these two disciplines. Although this question has previously been explored elsewhere, this volume offers a fresh look at the issue in the light of the significant degree of technologisation that has taken place in these disciplines in recent years. It is an interdisciplinary collection whose contributors include not only lexicographers and terminologists, but also linguists, translators and computer scientists. Preceded by a well-informed introduction to set the stage, the eight papers in the volume are divided into two main sections: 1) history and new trends, and 2) analyses and descriptions of terms and lexical units. Within these categories, many of the papers address the rapprochement of lexicography and terminology from a methodological point of view, and particularly from the perspective of a corpus-based approach, which is becoming increasingly widespread in the two disciplines. A helpful subject index allows readers to identify additional connections between the contributions. This volume makes highly pertinent reading for those who want to stay abreast of the current state of interplay between the sister disciplines of lexicography and terminology. (Book written in French)

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