Técnicas de interpretación consecutiva: la toma de notas. Manual para el estudiante

tc3a9cnicas-de-interpretacic3b3n-consecutiva-la-toma-de-notas-manual-para-el-estudianteAuthor: Clara Bosch

Técnicas de interpretación consecutiva: la toma de notas. Manual para el estudiante (‘Consecutive Interpretation Techniques: Note-taking. A Practical Guide for Students’), published by Clara Bosch at Comares, Granada (2012), is targeted both at undergraduate and  Masters students who are just beginning consecutive interpretation and need a brief, practical introduction to the subject, as well as at young professionals with little experience and who need to refresh or broaden their knowledge.

The guide is meant to present the basic principles of note-taking in a step-by-step format by carefully defining each stage of the process (beginning, for example, with details such as choosing the most appropriate notepad, and going on to recommendations regarding how to refine the final stage, how to avoid difficulties in the presentation and how to speak in a communicative, fluent way). Predominant attention in this guide is given to note-taking, the bugbear of many students, with detailed explanations, pictures and practical examples. Moreover, a collection of around 300 frequently used symbols is provided, divided into categories such as family, economics and demographics, politics, environment or energy. The book offers a whole method that can serve as a good guide to begin with and create a personal note-taking system.

It presents the tools to grasp from the very start the critical elements needed to render a perfect consecutive interpretation. It is available in several bookshops.

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