Terminologia. Terminology: theory, methods and applications

Terminology theory methods and applicationsAuthor: Maria Teresa Cabré

This book, dealing with the subject of terminology, is divided into seven chapters, each approaching terminology from a historical, theoretical, methodological or practical perspective.

The first chapter—An Overview of Terminology—presents a short review of the history, the theory and the different areas where terminology is used.

Terminology, an Interdisciplinary Field—documents the cross-disciplinary nature of terminology. It examines the interaction of terminology and the domains of theoretical and applied linguistics, cognitive sciences, communication sciences, documentation, computer sciences and knowledge engineering.

The Foundations of Terminology—the third chapter, presents the notions of “special language” and “terminological unit,” the main domains of application of terminology according to Cabré. She outlines criteria used to define and circumscribe these two concepts.

A fourth chapter—Terminology in Practice: Terminography—describes the methodology used to create a terminology. More specifically, this section presents a description of different information sources.), of equipment and materials used in terminology (terminological documents, etc.) and the methodology used by terminologists.

The following chapter—Computerised Terminology—includes a discussion of the question of the relationship between the domains of terminology and computer sciences.

In the sixth chapter—Terminology and Standardisation—the author discussed the question of standardisation as the main goal of terminology. This chapter also includes a theoretical and applied discussion of the creation of neologisms by terminologists.

Finally, in the last chapter—Professional Terminology: The Role of Terminologists in a Language Service—we find a discussion of the role of the terminologist within a linguistic, political and social context.

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