Traineeship at the Terminology Coordination Unit of the European Parliament

During a traineeship in our Unit you will have the opportunity to deal with various aspects of terminology work, such as administration of the European terminology database IATE, term extraction software, specific terminology domains such as human rights, organisation of seminars, organisation of external contacts, etc.

Applications are welcome from graduate, postgraduate and undergraduate candidates in fields such as terminology management, translation, linguistics and linguistic engineering, law or information technology. As for all European Parliament traineeships (five-month Schuman scholarship or three-month (extendable once) linguistic training), applications must be made online.

Please also check the Erasmus opportunities for a traineeship in the European Parliament.

Only applications specifying an interest in terminology work will be considered by the Terminology Coordination Unit.

See the InfoSheet for trainees.

See Rules governing traineeships in EP.


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