Traineeships in TermCoord and European Institutions

1. Traineeship at the Terminology Coordination Unit (TermCoord) of the European Parliament

A. TermCoord welcomes students, graduates and postgraduates for traineeships in our two main fields: i. linguistic and terminology activities; ii. communications and IT activities.

To apply, interested candidates have to submit an online application for the traineeships offered by the European Parliament (see details under point 2).

i. Translation Traineeships:

• Translation traineeship for university graduates (3 months, extendable once for another 3 months)

• Translation training placements (1–3months, can exceptionally be extended for up to 3 months)

We recommend these two types of traineeship for candidates with experience and/or interest in terminology research and management, linguistics and linguistic engineering, as well as specialty fields such as law or European studies. You would be mostly involved in terminology work in the IATE database, terminology project coordination, collecting glossaries and other resources, external contacts organisation and many other terminology-related activities.

For both translation traineeships, candidates have to decide in the first point of the application form if they would like to do a traineeship in the field of terminology (as opposed to a traineeship in translation).

You have the following two options to choose from:

* I’m applying for a translation traineeship

* I’m applying for a traineeship in the field of Terminology

ii. Robert Schuman scholarships (paid and unpaid):

We recommend these scholarships for candidates who would like to be involved mostly in communications, web-editing, journalism and social media promotion activities. The paid traineeships last 5 months, while the unpaid can last from 1 to 4 months.

For more information consult our programme or e-mail us.

iii. Study visits:

The general description of the European Parliament study visits can be found here.

In order to apply for a study visit in the Terminology Coordination Unit of the Directorate-General for Translation (Luxembourg), you have to send an email to the study visits service at or, specifying your request. In this email please specify why you would like to do this visit, describe what subject field you would study and by what means, and also indicate what period(s) you prefer. Send with your application an updated CV and a copy of your passport or ID card.

Your study visit can last maximum one month. Due to the administrative procedures involved, make sure that you apply well in advance, at least two months before the preferred starting date. Note that the European Parliament covers no expenses of the visitors.

For more details check the Internal rules governing traineeships and study visits in the Secretariat of the European Parliament.

During your study visit, besides participating in the everyday work of TermCoord in order to see all aspects of it, you can focus on either the terminology research, management and coordination activities or on the communication activities.

In the first case you will be more involved in the coordination of IATE work, the preparation of IATE projects and the cleaning and updating work, in terminology research in your language, and in the collection of terminology resource material.

In the latter case, you will be involved in the preparation of our website contents (posts, articles, collection of material), in web editing, social media management and in the preparation of publicity and information material.

2. European Parliament Traineeships

A. Translation traineeships: traineeship at the European Parliament’s Directorate-General for Translation.

i. Translation traineeship for university graduates: for graduates of universities or equivalent institutions, for a three-month period, which can be extended once for a further three months.

ii. Translation training placements: for a period of 1–3 months (which exceptionally may be extended for a maximum period of three months), intended in particular for applicants who are required to complete a training placement as part of their course of study.

B. Robert Schuman scholarships:

i. Paid traineeships: for graduates of universities or equivalent institutions.

General option: five-month traineeship in one of the units of the European Parliament.

Journalism option: five-month traineeship in one of the units of the European Parliament for applicants with experience in journalism.

ii. Unpaid traineeships: for a period of 1–4 months, with priority given to young people who are required to complete a traineeship as part of their course of study.

3. European Commission Traineeships

A. Translation traineeships: five-month translation traineeship at the European Commissions’ Directorate-General for Translation.

B. Administrative traineeship: five-month official in-service training with the Commission of the European Union.

4. Council of the European Union

A. Paid traineeships: five-month traineeships within a specific department of the Council. The trainee might be assigned to attend meetings of working parties, draft minutes and carry out preparatory work or research on a particular subject.

B. Compulsory training period as part of a student’s studies: unpaid traineeships for third, fourth or fifth year students of a higher education establishment or university and whose programme of studies requires a period of training to be undertaken.

5. European Court of Auditors

General traineeship: five-month traineeships to obtain practical training in the activities of the European Court of Auditors.

6. The Court of Justice of the European Union

A. Traineeships in interpreting : ten to twelve week long traineeships primary aimed at newly qualified conference interpreters whose language combination is of interest to the Interpretation Directorate.

B. General traineeships: up to five-month long traineeships generally undertaken in the Research and Documentation Directorate, the Press and Information Service or the Directorate-General for Translation. Applicants must hold a degree in law or political sciences.

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