TermCoord Projects for Trainees

Terminology research is an integral part of translation work, that is why participating in a terminology project has become an obligatory element of translation traineeships. All trainees work on one of the ongoing projects for two weeks during the first three months of their traineeship period.

This gives the opportunity to trainees to develop their terminology skills, to work together with their unit’s terminologists and to contribute to IATE with new terms in their mother tongue, which is a precious help for all the translators working in that language.

These projects are carried out in close cooperation between the language units and TermCoord. They are coordinated by TermCoord trainees with the help of and under the supervision of permanent staff. Trainees in the language units collaborate with their unit’s terminologists who revise the results of the terminology project.

Ongoing Projects (October – december 2011):

 General thematic projects:

  • Financial Markets:trainees involved in this project are asked to carry out terminology research on financial terminology used frequently as a result of the financial crisis.
  • LGBT:(Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender) TermCoord initiated this project after having received input from the European Parliament’s Intergroup on LGBT Rights.
  • Trade and External Policy: this new project will involve research on selected terms related to international trade and more particularly the WTO, as well as development policy and international relations.

Language-specific projects: 

  • FI CAP terms: A selection of CAP terms in FI from existing glossaries to be inserted into IATE.
  • MT Human rights terms
  • EN IT terms
  • DE MEPs biographies

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