Uniform Terminology for European Contract Law

uniform 2Editor: Gianmaria Ajani and Martin Ebers

This compendium brings together 17 contributions, generated within the framework of the EU Research Network “Uniform Terminology for European Private Law”. The aim of the Research Network is to develop a coherent set of legal terms for important areas of European Community (EC) Private Law and Member States’ laws. The contributions deal with the question of how a uniform terminology can be found for EC Private Law.

Alongside legal-systematic and methodological issues the following terms and notions of Community law are addressed in greater detail: consumer (Verbraucher, consommateur) – investor (Anleger, investisseur) – commercial agent (Handelsvertreter, agent commercial) – binding preliminary contract (verbindlicher Vorvertrag, contrat préliminaire) – information duties (Informationspflichten, obligations d’information), rights of withdrawal (Widerrufsrechte, droits de rétractation) – contractual conformity (Vertragsmäßigkeit, conformité au contrat).

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