What former trainees say about their traineeship at TermCoord


The language of Europe is translation
Umberto Eco

Read what former trainees say about their experience at TermCoord.

spanish flag “I am very surprised to have met such a friendly, human and enthusiastic unit. I did not feel like a trainee but one more member of the TermCoord team. They are very participative, active and they really take care about the trainees’ opinion and their work evolution”.

Spanish Trainee from October 2012 to February 2013

italian flag “I will always have beautiful memories of my traineeship at TermCoord. This experience has opened my mind and taught me a lot from a professional and human viewpoint. Since the first day, all colleagues have been very helpful and kind.  All TermCoord staff are very professional and passionate to their job. Thanks to them I increased my interest in Terminology, Translation and Languages. It is really the ideal environment to work”.

Italian Trainee from January to March 2013

usa flag “It was great to work in an international atmosphere without the emphasis being placed on any one particular European culture. During missions, it became clear how difficult it is to organize a government among such diverse populations. Yet, I was amazed at how efficiently this happens. For example, interpreters make it possible for committee meetings to be held in 23 different languages”.

 USA Trainee from October 2009 to February 2010 

maltese flag2 “I believe that having been given the opportunity to do a hands-on experience on the terminology work made me appreciate more the necessity of such work which is unfortunately, sometimes not given the merit it deserves. I have learnt not to take terminology work for granted as this involves a lot of research behind it. Wanting to become a translator in the future, made my experience at TermCoord more justifiable since I can now clearly see the way terminologists professionally analyse languages before they input terminology in databases such as IATE”.

Maltese Trainee from October to December 2011

french flag “The whole traineeship experience at the EP’s DGTRAD has been delightful. The wide variety of tasks offered by the terminology unit and the French unit allowed me to put many skills into practice while benefiting from a good know-how transfer. Besides, working in such a multicultural environment has been a very rewarding experience both at the professional and personal levels”.

French Trainee from October 2011 to March 2012

uk flag The traineeship was very enjoyable and a positive learning experience. I feel now that I have a good understanding of the role of the Terminology Coordination Unit in the Parliament and the wider importance of terminology work in creating an effective multilingual European workforce. A great opportunity that I would definitely recommend others”.

British Trainee from April to June 2012

 Turkish flag “I always used IATE for translations at University and it was something like an honour for me to work on it. I had the opportunity to work on a real terminology project which is the best experience for me. I had the chance to visit as well the German Translation Unit where I was introduced to several tasks of the Translators. Yet at the Terminology Unit itself I could see what it means to be a Terminologist at the European Parliament”.

Turkish Trainee August 2011 

Greek flag “The working environment in TermCoord was very friendly and international! I was really lucky to be part of this team since I had the chance to actually work and become even more familiar with activities in communication and terminology. Having to cooperate with people from different backgrounds and with different nationalities, enriched my personal and professional interest and I got motivated to “search” and “discover” the unknown until now field of terminology”.

Greek Trainee from January to July 2012

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